All people want to earn more money to aid in improving life.  Simple things such as eating organic, upgrading to a more reliable car, allowing little Johnny to participate in both, basketball and karate.  Traveling/vacationing.  Providing the best care for our elderly parents.

What does lifestyle freedom look like for you?

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But more times than not we find ourselves living paycheck to paycheck.  Trapped in low paying jobs and/or unsatisfying careers; asking ourselves “why is it I seem to never get ahead?”

Another question to ask is “why do even those who make a lot of money struggle to accumulate wealth?”

Answer…because it’s not the lack of money that prevents us from prospering but our lack of knowledge about money, how to use it as a tool rather than something to be worried about, worshiped or something to spend up in order to create the “appearance” of wealth.


What does it mean to be wealthy?

For some wealth is materialistic…bigger house, new cars, designer clothes.

For some it’s just comfort and ease.

For most it means financial independence, lifestyle freedom, a better quality of life.

How do you define wealth?


Financial literacy 101 (taught by a wealthy person,) in my opinion, is a class that should be included as a prerequisite to graduating.  Our education system needs a serious upgrade in many areas.  One being how to handle and create money.  So many of us learn how to earn and spend money by adopting the collective mindset of those who surround us and/or the images we see in the media, hence…

More times than not, this begets misguided beliefs and mistaken assumptions about how to be and create wealth.

Common one’s include:

Saving toward wealth.  Behaviors include:  bargain hunting, clipping coupons, saving every penny earned.

The assumption is:  “My income is fixed and beyond my control, so I’ll learn to live with less.”

Imitating wealth.  Still assuming income is fixed, but spend most of what they earn.

Behaviors include:  luxury cars, designer clothes, exotic vacations in order to create the appearance of wealth and status.

They often look to the lottery as a way of reaching wealth.

Spending toward wealth.  Behaviors include:  working hard to achieve success.  Spending increases as income increase.

Behaviors are the same as those imitating wealth.  Both types accumulate debt and undermine their ability to create true wealth.

These types may have high paying positions but have not been taught how to properly handle money in order to create true, lasting wealth.

Understanding that lack of financial education on how to handle money explains the many stories of professional athletes, famous entertainers, lottery winners and, most likely, many unknown success stories who end up broke.  If they knew better they would do better…the same goes for all of us.  Unless we are prepared for wealth through education, mentorship and coaching, we will make decisions that ultimately lead to losing in life.

While many are working to “win the lottery” or “hit the jackpot”, entrepreneurs are the creators of the lottery tickets…in a sense they print their own winning ticket!

What misguided assumptions and mistaken beliefs do you possess that are keeping you from creating lifestyle freedom?

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The ability to create wealth is a CHOICE.  The very first step in creating wealth is MINDSET.  This is blog post #5 in this series on Entrepreneurship.  All posts are intended to shift your mindset to one that can and will create lifestyle freedom!  Until the correct mindset is established it’s impossible to create wealth…you simply won’t step out of your comfort zone in order to do what it takes.  If you don’t believe it’s possible, why would you?  Take a look at the previous blog posts below, my intention is to educate and empower in the ways of wealth and guide you toward a vehicle that can get you there!

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