Will The REAL Brandye Dague Please Stand Up


It’s time to get back to B (me).  I began blogging, over a year ago, with Empower Network.  I was told over and over to blog about what I’m passionate about and tie it together with the Empower Network opportunity, BUT…

Rather than be coachable (the main ingredient to success) and Just Be B…I basically became a copy cat of what other people, in the business, were passionate about because in my head it was more “in line” with Empower Network (EN)products.  Again, Dave Wood, founder of EN, and other leaders continued to teach to blog about my passion/s.  Eventually, I became “burned-out” because I wasn’t staying true to myself.  But now I’m getting Back To B!

Just B Healthy & Fit…The REAL Brandye Dague

A little background on B…

In 2009 I received my personal training certification.  That same year I gave birth to my daughter and three months later began working in a private 1-on-1 studio, training clients.  My mission of, helping others Just B Healthy & Fit, began!  The B in Just B Healthy & Fit has 2 meanings:

1.  Be

2.  Brandye

Close friends tend to call me B and know me to Be healthy & fit.  My passion is helping others create a healthy & fit lifestyle so, there it was; Just B (me) helping others to Just B Healthy & Fit.


In 2012, I was introduced to BeachBody.

It made sense that I become a BeachBody coach of course; however, the only product I was really interested in.  I was so impressed with the healthy ingredients and benefits of Shakeology that I signed up immediately!  It’s convnient, super healthy and breaks down to $4.00/day…rather than spend money destroying their health and diminishing their workout efforts my clients now had something quick, delicious and nutritious to replace the fast food drive-thru, Yay!

Empower Network

A few months after joining BeachBody, Empower Network caught my attention.  I went All In!  Long story short I did not build my business the way I was coached to do so…why?  I’m not sure…?  Even when I began realizing I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing I continued doing what I wasn’t supposed to be doing – do you see how insane that sounds?  I was frustrated, overwhelmed and feeling guilty for being neglectful (in many areas of my life).  Over the past few months I have been off the radar, recuperating physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, relationally (is that a word? lol).  Many areas of my life suffered as a result of not being coachable, but now I’m getting Back To B! (refer to the first paragraph)


There are 4 rules of success in business and in personal affairs:

1.  Show Up

2.  Be Coachable

3.  Recruit

4.  Follow Up

more on this later…

Just B Healthy & Fit to Just B Healthy & Wealthy

The focus of this blog will now focus on health & wealth!  More so on health, fitness and nutrition, but as I incorporate wealth building concepts you’ll begin to see a pattern of teaching that is basically interchangeable between the two.  As I coach you to becoming healthy and wealthy I will be using the same concepts but with different wording.  All in all health and wealth is nothing but a letter change from a H to a W…the same principles used to get healthy can be used to get wealthy and vice versa.


Will The REAL Brandye Dague Please Stand Up

Yes!  This site is going to get very “all over the place” and that’s so me – lol.  In time it will all come together the important thing is that I “START THE CLOCK” vs putting things off because everything is not perfect.

“Perfection paralyses”   ~Marshall Sylver; Million Dollar Television Network – GO NOW to sign up for a free account — make money just watching/listening, no selling or buying of anything!

I do not plan to rid of all the past content on this blog mainly because it wouldn’t be the best way to spend my time, plus, there’s a lot of good mindset training here.  Nothing changes until the mind changes.  However, understand that some of the links or fill in boxes may no longer be available.

Just B Educated…Know the TRUTH!

My part in your journey toward health & wealth is to supply the knowledge, education, leadership, coaching, motivation and inspiration; your part is applying what you learn.

Ignorance IS expensive and my passion revolves around exposing the hidden TRUTH…

that means these conversations (blogs) ARE going to be UNcomfortable.


The content presented on this page will not always agree with mainstream media, in fact MOST of it will not.

It’s been said that the best way to keep a population under control is to keep them in fear, uneducated, sick and diseased.  I ain’t goin’ down like that and I’m inviting whoever is ready to rise up and take your place in making this world a better place!  I believe health equals wealth and I’m passionate about exposing the hidden TRUTH in these areas.

We’ve all been created with purpose, but we lose sight of our purpose by running around doing things outside our passion.  Are you ready to Just B You?  If so, stay tuned…