People think the FDA is protecting them.  It isn’t.  What the FDA is doing and what the public think it’s doing are a s different as night and day.

~Herbert Lay, M.D., former FDA Commissioner

October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Is A Very Profitable Month

Every October there is much hype over “finding the cancer cure.”  Can someone please explain to me why it’s taking so dang long to so-called “find the cancer cure?”  (Rhetorical question.)


Man, in his devious, greedy, malicious ways realized there is much to profit off those who are sick and diseased and healthcare is now BIG business.  Sadly, doctors have become (legal) drug dealers.  Simply put, if you have the time and money to invest into going to school for ump-teen years you can legally subscribe drugs that cause the same additive behaviors, side effects and profit at the expense of others as street drugs.  Healthcare, at least in the USA, is not the cure, prevention and diagnosis of disease it’s defined as but instead it’s the “maintenance man” of it. It does not behoove any business owner to make a product that will last forever, no, the goal is to make something that will need maintenance.  The more maintenance needed the more money the business owner(s) make.  Each month thousands, millions of people refill their subscriptions…cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching goes the cash register.  What need would there be for the American Cancer Society, the drug companies, cancer clinics and additional cancer research funding if the cancer cure, without side effects, were announced?  Check this out:  I post this to spark a fire in you to leave behind the ways of this world! And this is just one case of the FDA spending millions to stop the cancer cure from being exposed!


Cancer (along with almost every other dis-ease) is the bodies way of surviving.  Yes, you read that right.  We are survivors to the extreme.  When we contract a flu, a bug, a virus, a disease it’s the body’s way of prolonging life.  If the body did not do this we would die instantly.  The good news is, we were all created with a self healing mechanism that when “maintained” properly will function at it’s best. It’s called the immune system and it’s job is to fight the bad guys.  God knew we would be faced with bacteria’s, viruses, fungus, sickness and disease and thankfully He gave us dominion over all these things (Genesis 1:26). He provided us the necessary building blocks to “maintain” our immune system, but this is the information that is kept under cover by those who have NO incentive to promote the cancer cure. Once you read to the end of this post you are now in the know, you are no longer ignorant to the lies of this world. A special message to you followers of God: we are called to be in the world not of it. We are to live by the word of TRUTH and the TRUTH has been told here today!  Just as we feed our spirit the “bread of life” we must feed our bodies in the same way.  You cannot feed a live body dead food and expect it to thrive.  It may survive for awhile but we are called to live life abundantly!  Whether you are a believer or not the same universal laws apply…junk in; junk out.   Begin replacing one meal a day with the healthiest meal in a glass!

Click the following link for more information on steps to changing over to a hallelujah dietand testimonies of people who have reversed sickness and disease by following God’s way to ultimate health!