Just in…studies show that swamp water is now beneficial for the drinking BUT…


I’m talking about the swamp water that my friend and business associate, Lisa McClain, is referring to when she sees me drinking my morning smoothie – lol

You gotta admit there is a resemblance – but only in color…they are very different otherwise!

32oz Swamp Water Recipe aka Green Smoothie Recipe

This is a starter recipe; it’s what I used in the beginning.  It comes from a gal named Grace (don’t know her, but gotta give credit where credit is due) posted in a blog back in 2011:

4-5 Kale leaves

4 cups baby spinach

2 cups water

1 tbs flaxseed oil (helps your body absorb the nutrients in the greens, plus all sorts of other hair, skin, and nails benefits)

1 cup berries

1 banana

1 kiwi

You can really use any kinds of fruit, I (this is Grace talking) sometimes use raw beets and carrots, too. Sometimes you have to ease into it by using more fruit, but after a while, I think psychologically my body gets excited for the good stuff, and the taste of greens is just fresh and delicious.

Happy blending!

Ok, me talking now…This is the very first recipe I used when I was first introduced to “swamp water” aka Green Smoothie aka Blended Salads.  The first thing I noticed and the first thing folks tell me they notice when taking on my Green Smoothie challenge is the boost of energy it provides.  To that I say goodbye coffee, red bull and whatever else stimulants folks say they need for energy.  How ’bout something that gives energy without compromising your health!

Check out these other “Swamp Water” Benefits!

  • stronger
  • cleaner running body – yea you finally pooped!  You’re cleaning out the swamp inside – lol
  • white teeth
  • clear skin
  • better vision
  • more flexible
You could sit down and eat all these foods used in the above recipe but who has the time these days – lol.  Plus, with one smoothie your sure to get your fruits and veggies serving in for the whole day, and anything else you eat is just a bonus!


Interestingly, I’ve had folks tell me this is too much work.  If this is you, no worries I have something just as good if not better because all the ingredients are organic, non-GMO and come from primitive lands where the soil has not been tainted by modern day agriculture.

There are many ways to prepare Shakeology; in a shaker cup with some (non-dairy) milk is the easiest and fastest way; however, my favorite way is in a blender with a frozen banana, natural peanut butter and plain, quick oats for those days I need it to tide me over longer than usual.


As you can see Shakeology comes in that swamp water color you know and love – lol