PROBLEM SOLVING…The Secret Of Recognizing Opportunity

Problems are opportunities – this is the fundamental mindset every entrepreneur must understand.

The “secret” of entrepreneurship is simply this:

By solving other people’s problems you create success for yourself.

Here’s a problem I’m passionate about and have found a solution for…

Statistics report only 20% of people love their job.  The problem is, the majority of people (80%) do not.  The underlying problem is people are not living to their full potential which leaves them unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

This void, many times, sets the stage for seeking fulfillment in the wrong things (workaholic, alcoholic, drug use, gambling, etc.)

By not living our passion and purpose that we were created for we leave others hangin’…You never know if your dream can make a BIG difference in somebody else’s life.


Rather than complaining about existing problems, entrepreneur’s become proactive in finding solutions to the problem.

Are you the type that accepts things as they are or seeks another/better way?

The good news is problem solving is a skill all can learn to develop through taking action, developing your mindset and hanging around problem solvers, folks who are proactive vs reactive.

There are many books, audios, videos that will develop your mindset.  Currently, I am listening to…

I guarantee you this…if you will read similar content as in the above video, listen to similar content and connect with people that are doing the same you will Wake Up and discover Another Way Of Life!

In closing, I remind you of my intention for this blog series that will be here every Monday for the next several weeks:

  • To provide inspiration through the introduction of average, ordinary people, just like you and me.
  • To provide hope through sharing their stories of triumph over their pitfalls.
  • To get you thinking how you, too, can create lifestyle freedom.
  • To create engagement through closing questions -email or comment your answers:

True or False

– problem solving is a skill only some can obtain?

– the more problems you can solve the more successful you’ll become?

– find a problem then create a solution?

This blog post is #3 (#2-click here) in a series that’s been inspired by an entrepreneurial class I’m taking.