This blog post is #8 (#7-click here) in a series that’s been inspired by an entrepreneurial class I’m taking.  The class is focused around the mindset of an entrepreneur.  Interviews of several entrepreneurs with humble beginnings make up the majority of the curriculum.  I want to introduce them here in hopes to provide inspiration and hope to those of you who have been sitting on the fence undecided and afraid of taking the leap to create a lifestyle of freedom!

Brian Scudamore: Starting with little more than $1,000 and a few fliers, he transformed a simple

idea into a very successful business.Today his company 1-800 GOT JUNK has grown to annual sales

in excess of $100 million dollars and more than 300 locations worldwide.

Persistence, Who Is Yours For?

Monday morning, when that alarm goes off, you’re either waking up for yourself or waking up for someone else.

Who is your persistence for?  Is your persistence building your dream or someone else’s?

I realized the other day I job bash a lot.  As I fell deeper into thought over this I realized a job is not a bad thing, especially if you love what you do.  The problem comes when folks rely on one stream of income to sustain them.  Another problem is, 80% of people do not love what they do.  Each of us is designed with a passion and a purpose.  As children we dream, visualize, think, speak and act on our vision for our future.  Sadly, we grow up and life puts obstacles in our way and at least 80% of people fall off their purposed path.  Or bad decisions force them to walk off their purposed path…that’s when parents can tend to “live through their children” forcing them to live the life they dreamed of for themselves.

The good news is the launch of the internet makes it easier than ever to generate an income that creates lifestyle freedom!  Click Here to find out how easy it is!

Love your job?  Great!  Stay with it, but believing that it provides security is unwise.  Just like you should have a “just in case” emergency fund; you ought also have a “just in case” income stream.  If financial independence is a goal or dream of yours then multiple streams of income need to be in place.  The first step in creating this is mindset!  Register HERE and receive FREE mindset training, plus an added bonus!


This blog series is all about the mindset of entrepreneurs.  An entrepreneur mindset does not require unique abilities, rare talent, boat loads of money, an ivy league MBA.  In fact, it does not require anything you don’t already have.

It does; however, require

  • Hard Work
  • Persistence
  • Determination

I’d say the majority of people desire success.  Most of this majority is probably willing to work hard to create lifestyle freedom.  However, our efforts will only take us as far as our understanding, and too often, many mistakenly assign success to things that are beyond their control.  Many fall prey to popular myths and misconceptions about entrepreneurs and what it takes to succeed.  Sorta turning a blind eye to the hard work, years of uncertainty, setbacks and case of “what ifs” that all entrepreneurs go through.  Those on the outside don’t see the persistence that took place in creating an entrepreneur’s success.

Persistence Holds The Key To Success!

At the end, sometime throughout, I ask questions in each blog post of this entrepreneurship series (click here to see blog post previous to this one).  My intention is to get you thinking, encourage you to create lifestyle freedom or at least another stream of income and to bring about engagement between me and my viewers.  If you are not comfortable sharing here, but are willing to share with me none the less, please do so via email or at Facebook: htp://

What is it your passionate about?  

What would your life look like if you had lifestyle freedom…the ability to do what you want, when you want, where you want?  

If you were certain that your desired result would come to pass how much would hard work, persistence and determination would you put into it?

What would you do for a Klondike bar?  lol  Seriously though,

What would you do if you knew your efforts would produce your desired result?  


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