Over the years I have ventured into many community based business opportunities.  Fortunately, I was exposed, early on, to a team of people who focused more on helping people than on money.

A true entrepreneurial mindset is focused on solving problems for other people knowing that by doing so they create success for themselves.

I love quoting Proverbs 11:25, because is matches the entrepreneurial’s mindset:

 The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed;
those who help others are helped.   ~The Message Bible

This blog post is #2  in a series that’s been inspired by an entrepreneurial class I’m taking.  The class is focused around the mindset of an entrepreneur.  Interviews of several entrepreneurs with humble beginnings make up the majority of the curriculum.  I want to introduce them here in hopes to provide inspiration and hope to those of you who have been sitting on the fence undecided and afraid of taking the leap to create a lifestyle of freedom! Continue reading

Entrepreneurship Empowers People

Entrepreneurship empowers people,

in all societies and at all levels, to take their own destinies into their hands…

Young people around the world have a right to entrepreneurship education.

Every individual has the right to be exposed to ownership concepts,

to the possibility of ownership,

and to the habits of thought that lead to wealth creation.

~ World Economic Forum Report,Educating the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs Continue reading


Be A “Change Agent” in your own life,

your example will inspire others to greatness!



There is a saying that says:  ”You are who you hang around.”

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Live Life…Like It’s A Vacation!

*****Create Lifestyle Freedom Series*****

 ”Live Life…Like A Vacation”

You don’t need special talents, geek skills, or super human powers.

(although I’d swear I had a genetic imprint in my DNA code hard-wiring me to pursue this lifestyle)

If I showed you a simple, elegant, fun and easy way to create lifestyle freedom what would stop you from moving forward?

Comment below or send me a private message – I want to flush all limiting beliefs down the toilet so you can live the purposeful life your were designed for!

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A Viral Blogging System Vs. WordPress Blog


<<<Link to my viral blogging platform http://justb-healthyandfit.empowernetwork.com/ >>>

Tracey Walker, top earner in my online community, has been seen a lot lately on TV  talking about how to build an online business (ex – http://youtu.be/WjyXWLMbRc8).

In her video below, she shares some of the differences between a viral blogging system and a wordpress blog and 3 reasons why a viral blogging system is better.  I’m sharing this to help you understand how and why some home based entrepreneurs are making money with their blogs and why most aren’t!

Even if you’re not interested in generating an online income a viral blogging system is more beneficial to you because your goal is still the same…virality.  Pay attention to minute 2:41 because Tracey explains what that means.


Virality  = more eyes on your blog/message/ideas because you’re starting with a community/audience that gives you a jump start. Whereas, with a standalone blog you start off with NO audience.

A Viral Blogging Platform eliminates the technical side of things meaning anyone can start blogging immediately.

Word of mouth because it’s community based!

If you’re interested in getting your content seen, as EVERY blogger, business owner, charity organization, church, missionary, school, artist, etc is then a viral blogging system is the best way to do that!


Thankfulness Surrounding

Over the past 2 – 3 days THANKFULNESS has continued to be at the forefront of my readings.  I pick up my devotional and it’s talking about THANKFULNESS.

At all times and for everything giving thanks in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God the Father.    ~Ephesians 5:20

I’m reading Psycho-Cybernetics and the part I’m at talks about THANKFULNESS.  Go to church and the grandmother of the pastor comes up front to talk about THANKFULNESS.  Scriptures given point to THANKFULNESS.

“Thankfulness takes the sting out of adversity…There is an element of mystery in this transaction:

You give me thanks (regardless of your feelings), and I give you Joy (regardless of your circumstances).”

~Jesus Calling Devotional on November 24

Be Full Of Thankfulness

The more self development books I read the more I believe the Bible is a book of TRUTH!  The Bible is the oldest, LIVING book ever written and inside are many scriptures on the blessings that come from giving thanks in all things.

In every book I have read thus far for self development they have all spoken about the importance of thankfulness…


I’d like to create engagement on this blog so I encourage you to leave in the comments or send me a private message telling me 1-10 things you are thankful (or grateful) for.

My blog is here for 2 reasons:

1.  To connect and build meaningful relationships with others who have a desire to live AWOL – Another Way Of Life – and create lifestyle freedom!

Lifestyle freedom is the ability to follow your passion and come into alignment with your purpose!

We are all connected and all have been created for a Divine purpose.  Relationship and intimacy is at the core of every created being.  We are designed to work as a team to make positive changes in a fallen world.

2.  To help those who don’t know me get to know me.  Because by building know/like/trust I can develop a strong network of people – across the globe, from All Walks Of Life – who are ready to help themselves and others step into freedom…freedom of owning their time and life!  Freedom to live with passion!  Freedom to do what you’ve been created to do!

Monday’s are now going to be dedicated to Mindset Training on this blog!

How perfect because Monday night’s at 9pm EST there is a Mindset Training Call inside our community! It’s mainly for those inside the community, but we always invite others to listen in! We want to build the mindset of the masses in hopes that you’ll join us in fighting the forces of evil!!! Learn more about that every Monday, 9pm EST (details below) and feel free to invite other


Residual Income is…

Working SMARTER Not Harder!

In the video below, my friend and teammate, Jason Lockhart explains

“What Is Residual Income”

and I’m guessing a lot of you can relate to his story about the 9-5.

This ain’t about owning a business this is about OWNING YOUR TIME!!!

In comments below would love to hear what Residual Income means to you