Entrepreneurship Empowers People

Entrepreneurship empowers people,

in all societies and at all levels, to take their own destinies into their hands…

Young people around the world have a right to entrepreneurship education.

Every individual has the right to be exposed to ownership concepts,

to the possibility of ownership,

and to the habits of thought that lead to wealth creation.

~ World Economic Forum Report,Educating the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs

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I’m currently enrolled in an Entrepreneurship class that takes place on Tuesdays & Thursday evenings, as well as, online.  The basis of the class is to learn the MINDSET of successful entrepreneurs.  Much of the online coarse is interviews with several different entrepreneurs.  Over the next several blogs I would like to introduce you to each one in hopes to inspire you to move toward your dreams and getting past the fears and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.

You have something unique and special to offer the world – we ALL do and mindset, along with entrepreneurship, is key in stepping out of our comfort zone to accomplish what we never thought possible.

Mindset can keep you stuck; however, you CAN get past your limiting beliefs and move forward toward your dreams.

One thing I find in common with many of the interviewees is they encountered someone who inspired them or mentored them into entrepreneurship.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this journey called life it’s the importance of who you hang around.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, influence plays a major role in developing into a winner or success story.  You cannot expect to hang around folks who are not living the life you want and still achieve it for yourself.  The key is hanging out with like minded individual…those who are working towards and those who already have what you want.

If creating lifestyle freedom is something you desire then I encourage you to join me and the community I’m a part of. We are a group of average ordinary people, just like the one’s you’ll be introduced over the next several blog posts, that desire the same 2 things:

Complete Mastery over our Income and TIME freedom!  If this is YOU…