Your Brand = Your Reputation

It’s not just what YOU say about your business…what others say holds the most weight.

While your brand can be portrayed through a logo, tagline or a name, it’s the actions behind these that really speaks volume.  Your brand is the result of your actions.  You’e heard it said best this way:

Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

Branding yourself as RELIABLE = your success.  This speaks to both business and your personal life…wherever we are, in whatever we do, we are building our brand.  Do you do what you say you’re going to do when you said you’d do it?  And at the price you said you’d do it for?

Being trustworthy, sets in motion repeat customers and word of mouth advertisers!

Defining Your Brand

Understand the problems you’re solving from you customers point of view.

Coming into alignment with what problems your customers say you’re solving is crucial.  You want to make sure you are sending the right message.  Seeing the world through your customers eyes is a choice that will compliment your success.

Below are 2 examples of where folks go wrong (I gotta admitt I learned A LOT in this lesson and will be applying the knowledge I’ve gained):

Competing on price vs. value:  Many new business owners seek to offer the lowest price as a way to gain customers.  Rather than compare their product/service to others like it, they are focused on providing the cheapest price and in doing so conveys the message of  inexperience, low quality or poor service.

By the time one understands the above, they’ve already branded themselves as such and any attempt to raise their price to match the value ends up alienating their customers.

Attempting to be all thing to all people:  A jack of all trades approach lacks a sense quality, craftsmanship,  distinction.  Take time to define your brand vs. pleasing everyone.  This will increase your value and your customers willingness to spread the word about you!

To define your brand you must…

Understand Your Market.

Start by asking yourself:

  • Who is my customer?
  • why would they want to buy?

Side note:  If I were to answer these 2 questions I would say my customers are those looking to create lifestyle freedom.  They would buy in order to learn strategies that will improve an existing business or position themselves to generate an online income without all the headaches and scariness of owning a business.  There are many vehicles that can get you to where you want to go but ours is one that allows you to use your existing business to do so.  Or, if you do not own a business, how you can simply earn extra income online.  Click here to learn how to earn $500-$3000 THIS WEEK using a Simple System

 Building Your Brand

As I listened to the narrator teach about building your brand it dawned on me the benefits of teaming up with an already known brand.  In the beginning of any new business folks are reluctant to do business with an unknown entity/unrecognizable brand.  But if the business is established and you basically hook your wagon to it there is less of a challenge to “convince” people that the product or service is worthy of purchase.

For example:

Opening an independent burger joint will take longer to establish a customer base than “hooking your wagon” to a burger joint that’s been around for awhile.  This is why franchising works so well.  The brand has already been defined and built!

Same goes for what I do…I could go out and build something from scratch, waiting up to 5+ years to see the fruits of my labor.  Or, I can lock arms with a proven system that works, leveraging my time/energy/money.  Results being seen in as little as a week!


Today blog post is #6 (see previous post here).  In closing, I remind you of my intention for this blog series:

  • To provide inspiration through the introduction of average, ordinary people, just like you and me.
  • To provide hope through sharing their stories of triumph over their pitfalls.
  • To get you thinking how you, too, can create lifestyle freedom.
  • To create engagement through closing questions -email or comment your answers:

What does “branding” mean to you?

What is your brand?

How can branding yourself help you to accomplish your goals?

What problems are you solving?

I am seeking like minded individuals who desire to provide a solution to the 80% of people unhappy in their job.  We have all been created for a Divine purpose, but so many people (80%) are working outside of their purpose, for whatever reason.  Our intention is to bring awareness to living Another Way Of Life – a life that bring peace, joy and happiness!  To join us in fighting the forces of evil, releasing yourself and others from an UN-purposed life