Knowledge is the Lifeblood of an Entrepreneur

One’s effort can only take them as far as their understanding.

To succeed we must be willing to learn.

Today’s post is number 4 (#3 click here) in the Entrepreneurial blog series I’ve started.  I’ve not yet decided when it will end as I am learning SO much from the class and I want to pass it on to my audience!

As mentioned in the 1st post, I will showcase the entrepreneurs that were interviewed for the curriculum.  From gang members to foreigners to single mothers to disabled and handicapped, my hope is that their stories will inspire you to follow your dreams no matter the challenges you will face…

Today’s lesson is all about applied knowledge – the importance of learning and continually growing your mindset.  In doing so you reduce risk,


Ryan Blair, former gang member and high school dropout, now knows about building a business from the ground up. However, like many entrepreneurs, he had no formal business education.

“I was a punk with a juvenile criminal record and a lot of emotional scarring.”

Yet a chance encounter with a successful entrepreneur shifted his perspective and enabled him to become a very successful serial entrepreneur.

Blair, in his interview, states that the old expression that knowledge is power is false.  It’s the application of it.

In order for us to overcome obstacles and achieve goals we must add effort toknowledge gained.

By embracing this simple and powerful concept a new world of opportunities begin to emerge.

Mindset is key…

increased mindset begets increased wisdom, increased wisdom begets increased action – getting out of your comfort zone…getting out of your failure zone.  Increased action taking begets overcoming fear, which is where true FREEDOM lies!

An entrepreneurial experience can shift our perspective, awaken our curiosity and deepen our desire to learn.  Sadly, our current education system, for most, is boring and un-stimulating.  But gone are the days where information is limited to the “higher ups,” in today’s online world we can access information at no cost or low cost.

David Petite, a Native American raised by a single mother.

Inventor and entrepreneur, David, soon became enlightened in the ways of becoming self-sufficient. After failing at his first business, he learned valuable lessons that ultimately empowered him to succeed.

Today he is one of America’s most prolific inventors with more than 50 patents worldwide.

David, after investing in a fast food pizza restaurant with a friend soon learned that neither had done their research.  David thought his friend had done it, the friend thought David had done it and the result was had they done it they would have learned that the city was putting a medium in the road that would now make getting to the pizza shop a much longer route.  Needless to say they had to sell and fortunately got out without losing a lot of their initial investment.

David, in his interview said, “

Information and knowledge is very very powerful.  You need to use it as a tool because it is a very powerful tool.

Knowledge can also be a barrier to success in any venture perused, whether personal or business, because it can seem challenging, overwhelming.  Take for example my business…

Blogging is a main component and in the beginning I had the same questions everyone else had, “What should I blog about?”

That was easy enough, blog about what your passionate about.  But had I let my initial question keep me discouraged I would have quit right away and missed out on all skills I’ve acquired due to the knowledge I’ve gained from our products.  Tocreate lifestyle freedom you must be willing to reinvent yourself and you must be willing to learn new things.

Your job can even be used as an opportunity to help grow your own business.

Treat your job as a paid internship – earn while you learn.   ~The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program

A new perspective I’ve gained in today’s lesson is, rather than treat your job as something insignificant seek value in the things you learn.  Both big and small.  There is a lesson that can be learned in every event, when you’re looking for.

Getting an education is important, but the old cookie cutter way of doing it is not the most conducive way for those seeking to create lifestyle freedom because it often focuses our attention on the wrong thing.  Getting through the information to obtain a degree, certificate or diploma often sought as the “reward” rather the the information itself.  Think for a moment how many books you have read since your formal education came to an end…

The only way to change your life is to change your mind.  The only way to change your mind is to continually grow your mindset through formal and informal learning – using your surroundings as a classroom and using it as a life long process.  Reading books, listening to audios, watching videos, attending seminars, webinars and hangouts (Google).  Which by the way we have mindset training every Monday at 9pm EST:


Getting around others who are living the lifestyle you desire and most importantly taking action by applying what you learn.  Rather than setting your sights on the obstacles you face change your perspective to the challenges you will overcome…victory is yours!

In closing, I remind you of my intention for this blog series that will be here every Monday for the next several weeks:

  • To provide inspiration through the introduction of average, ordinary people, just like you and me.
  • To provide hope through sharing their stories of triumph over their pitfalls.
  • To get you thinking how you, too, can create lifestyle freedom.
  • To create engagement through closing questions -email or comment your answers:

How does knowledge influence your choices?

How many books have your read that increase your mindset?  Like self help books – the Bible counts!

What is stopping you from pursuing your dreams?

How has the lack of knowledge prevented you from achieving your goals?

How can you acquire the knowledge you need to get to where you want to go?

Bonus round of questions that will help in planning and reducing risks when embarking on a new idea/solution to a problem:

What problem am I solving?

Why will people buy?

How many people have this problem?

What solutions are already available?

How is mine different?

How much will folks pay?

How will I market?

What’s next?

There is a problem I’m passionate about solving and I am seeking others with the same passion to join my team to help provide a solution to the 80% of people who are unhappy in their job.

In times past, to live the American dream, we were told to go to school, get good grades, attend a good college to get a good job.  That way has left many people feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and in debt.

Praise God for the invention of the internet as we now have much more opportunity to for real live the American dream minus the debt and also move into living the life we were created for…the life we are passionate about!

If you desire to leave the drudgery of trading your time for money to own your time and own your life…