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building a success network

Above, is a simple statement that “reinforces the importance of building a success network.”

~The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program

As an entrepreneur or even in our personal lives, learning to rely on others is vital to our success.

Although, this blog series is focused on the business side I want to provide you a personal example…

My sister, who prior to April 1, 2008, was living a life of prostitution, addiction and hopelessness.  I love listening to her testimony when she talks about the day she cried out to God saying,

GOD!  PLEASE, kill me or save me, because I don’t wanna live another day like this.   ~Angel Dague

On April 1, 2008 she was arrested.  Although, this is not what she had in mind, God had heard her prayer and began getting her around a Success Network!   A group of people who encouraged, supported and genuinely cared about her success.  Today, she speaks to both youth and adults, giving her testimony, inspiring the youth to be cautious of their decisions and to give hope to anyone who is where she’s been.  So, my point here is a success network is vital for both business and personal ventures.

SIDE NOTE:  Telling some of my sisters story has brought tears and gratefulness and awareness of doing my part to get her story out there.  You can expect a blog post on this soon :)  Please leave a comment in the section below if hearing her story is something you’d be interested in hearing or seeing.

A Success Network Is A Vital Resource

success network is made up of partners, professionals, employees, mentors and peers.  Each who can provide:

  • Knowledge
  • Insight
  • Accountability
  • Support

according to their experiences, resources, skill set and talents.  Being introduced to the right person/people can make a huge impact in both your business (and personal life).

Allow me to introduce you to our success network – CLICK HERE

On the flip side, building a success network is a challenge for many.  There are many self-limiting beliefs that keep us from moving out of our comfort zone into all we are destined to become.  Building a network is one of those limiting beliefs; however, it’s one of the most important.  

When it comes to knowledge and know how, there’s no better resource than a success network!

And the good news is, anyone CAN do it!

Join our success network – CLICK HERE

Creating a success network does not require your to have ivy league credentials or privileged access to an inner circle of elites.  With the invention of the internet, social media sites and the vast array of online opportunities, it seems almost impossible to not encounter and build a network of individuals who share similar dreams and goals as you.

Other entrepreneurs are almost always willing to share their insight because many have come from a very humble background and they themselves had mentors who guided them.

While the mentorship of experienced entrepreneurs is one of the most valuable resources one can acquire, sadly, internal and external fears, as well as, pride stop many from taking advantage of such resources.

Ready to move past your fear? – CLICK HERE

A Success Network Can Help Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

Fear, pride, poverty mindset and the like, all fall under the category of limiting beliefs.  These deceitful titles cause people to make decisions based on assumptions and misunderstood beliefs.  Think about it…how many times has fear, pride or poverty of mindset brought you success?  Knowing this we still tend to operate in the same way.

success network


It’s not what you know, but who you know, is such a true statement.

Let’s use the example of youth vs adult. I laugh every time I realize my parents actually knew what they were talking about back when I thought I knew it all…it’s not what you know, but who you know – lol  I don’t even want to think about where I’d be if my parents had not been there to guide me through my misguided assumptions and beliefs.  Simplifying it even more, how many of us would be walking today or pooping on the potty if those who raised us had not loved us through our limiting beliefs?  Had we been left to our own assumptions and beliefs we still be crawling around in diapers – lol.

When it comes to knowledge and know how, there’s no better source than a success network!

Misguided assumptions and false beliefs, as an adult, can, in a way, keep us crawling around full of poop -lol

Our Success Network Is A Mind Changer

A Life Changer

A World Changer!

The best way to change your life is to change your mind.  Creating lifestyle freedom positions you to do more and help more.  A mind full of fear, pride, unforgiveness, poverty of mindset will not allow you to fulfill what you were created for.  

Shoot, if Jesus had walked around fearful we’d all be going to hell, because what He was created to do would not have been fulfilled.  The world is missing out on all you have to offer when you refuse to step out of your comfort zone.  In some case,s the world is even burdened by you not fulfilling your purpose.  

I have presented the opportunity to join our success network several times in this post.  An opportunity to create a life by design, fulfilling all your passions, goals, dreams.  However, I am aware that some are not yet ready to break free.  

Remember the children of Israel…after 400 years of poverty and slavery in Egypt, they were set free; yet, many longed to go back because what they were accustomed to, familiar with and used to seemed easier or better than the unknown.  In many cases, the unknown IS what we’d be striving for if we knew better.  

I say all that to say this, whether you are ready to join our success network or not it’s wise to:

Be observing constantly.  Stay open minded.  Be eager to learn and improve.   ~John Wooden

So, I want to give you something super valuable that’s been given to me:

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Every morning at 8:30am my phone alarm goes off & reminds me

and my 4 year old, who loves to read it:

Speak Life

 That’s the title of my alarm.

And then we proceed to say:

speak life

Proverbs 18:21:

The power of the tongue is life and death— those who love to talk will eat what it produces.

What is the 1st thing you’re “producing” in yourself every morning?


speak life

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to register for FREE positive programming that will


into you


$$pays$$ you to listen!

NO selling, NO buying, Just login and listen :)


wealthy mindset

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Lifestyles of the Wealthy Mindset

Folks in the wealth system are frugal.  They spend their money on things they deem fulfilling, which leads to Lifestyle Freedom.  

Those who are truly wealthy are less likely to live in expensive neighborhoods or drive luxury cars. Those who accumulate wealth believe that financial independence and personal freedom are more important than displaying social status.

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Lifestyles of the UN-Wealthy Mindset

Middle classers use their money to put pools in, buy leased cars & upgrade the family lifestyle, which leads to living pay check to paycheck with no savings.  

Ryan Blair, in one of his interviews, talks about his thought processes while growing up in an urban community:

The urban community, where I’m from, when you get money you where on your wrist, around your neck, you put it in your car, you spend it.  

His mother ended up marrying a man, a real estate investor, who taught Ryan a better perspective:

He taught me how to determine what my value was and what I wanted it to be and to only do things that were at that value and above.  ~Ryan Blair from the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program

Many of the people who appear wealthy – those who live in expensive homes and drive luxury cars – do not actually have much wealth. They work hard to achieve success, yet they often spend much of their discretionary income on things that create an outward appearance of wealth. And by doing so, they often choke themselves with debt, undermining their ability to create true wealth.

According to the authors of The Millionaire Next Door, the accumulation of wealth is more often the result of hard work, perseverance, planning, and most of all, self-discipline.

Wealthy Is A State Of Mind, FIRST

A person with a moderate income may have more wealth than a person with a high income.  Why?…

Because the ability to create wealth begins with a wealthy mindset.  The amount of one’s income does not necessarily translate into their ability to create wealth.  Fact is, those with lesser income and less debt, may be in a better position to invest in things that are conducive to creating true wealth.

Example of a wealthy mindset:  

Buy used cars, NOT new one’s.  Do not lease and only buy used one’s that are 100% at YOUR price or nothing.  If the seller will not come down keep shopping around looking for the best deal.

Those making decisions from an un-wealthy mindset spend their way into debt on things that produce no return.  Whereas, the wealthy, although they may accumulate debt, they understand credit is a tool to increase income and invest in things that create wealth.

Mindless Consumption vs Mindful Investment

The term “spend” is defined as “to consume mindlessly or to squander” while the term “invest” is defined as “to make use of our time, effort or money in ways that are conducive to creating wealth”.

Credit is a tool; a lever that enables us to increase our income and invest in things that are conducive to creating wealth. Yet for others, the use of credit leads to a “buy now – pay later” pattern of spending that often lures us into an endless cycle of working harder and harder just to pay our debts – a kind of credit trap that leaves little room to invest our time and resources into things that will enable us to create wealth.   ~The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program

If you desire to be wealthy learn to cut back your expenses while seeking opportunities that will increase your income.  One way to do this is to have CLEAR GOALS.  Clear goals help diminish the temptation to spend mindlessly.  

Invest in a way conducive to creating wealth

It is not the lack of money that prevents us from prospering. More often than not, it’s our lack of understanding about money and how to use it as a tool.  A life principle that should be included in our education system but is not.  Rather than spending discretionary time and resources on outward appearance, entrepreneurs are driven by their vision and an internal desire to succeed.   ~The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program  

Each of us has the ability to be wealthy; no matter our starting point.  It begins by learning how to operate from a different perspective.  One that begets new behaviors and a new approach which leads to different results.  Be driven by your vision vs social status, instant gratification, etc. 

Questions to ask yourself:

Am I spending or investing my time, enrgy and money?

Am I ok with being limited by salary or hours in a day?  Learn to get paid for you effort vs your time

Am I doing something that influences people or am I bound by work that lacks meaning in my life and others?

Do you feel trapped in a low paying job or unsatisfying career that you cannot afford to lose?

Question I ask you:

Has your work become something you MUST do, in order to pay the bills, rather than something you find satisfaction in or enjoy? 

Are you willing to sacrifice, now, in order to live The Plan B Lifestyle later?  If yes click here

Ryan Blair, in the video above talks about the importance of having a mentor…join our circle of mentors, NOW!



This blog post is #8 (#7-click here) in a series that’s been inspired by an entrepreneurial class I’m taking.  The class is focused around the mindset of an entrepreneur.  Interviews of several entrepreneurs with humble beginnings make up the majority of the curriculum.  I want to introduce them here in hopes to provide inspiration and hope to those of you who have been sitting on the fence undecided and afraid of taking the leap to create a lifestyle of freedom!


Brian Scudamore: Starting with little more than $1,000 and a few fliers, he transformed a simple

idea into a very successful business.Today his company 1-800 GOT JUNK has grown to annual sales

in excess of $100 million dollars and more than 300 locations worldwide.

Persistence, Who Is Yours For?

Monday morning, when that alarm goes off, you’re either waking up for yourself or waking up for someone else.

Who is your persistence for?  Is your persistence building your dream or someone else’s?

I realized the other day I job bash a lot.  As I fell deeper into thought over this I realized a job is not a bad thing, especially if you love what you do.  The problem comes when folks rely on one stream of income to sustain them.  Another problem is, 80% of people do not love what they do.  Each of us is designed with a passion and a purpose.  As children we dream, visualize, think, speak and act on our vision for our future.  Sadly, we grow up and life puts obstacles in our way and at least 80% of people fall off their purposed path.  Or bad decisions force them to walk off their purposed path…that’s when parents can tend to “live through their children” forcing them to live the life they dreamed of for themselves.    

The good news is the launch of the internet makes it easier than ever to generate an income that creates lifestyle freedom!  Click Here to find out how easy it is!

Love your job?  Great!  Stay with it, but believing that it provides security is unwise.  Just like you should have a “just in case” emergency fund; you ought also have a “just in case” income stream.  If financial independence is a goal or dream of yours then multiple streams of income need to be in place.  The first step in creating this is mindset!  Register HERE and receive FREE mindset training, plus an added bonus!


This blog series is all about the mindset of entrepreneurs.  An entrepreneur mindset does not require unique abilities, rare talent, boat loads of money, an ivy league MBA.  In fact, it does not require anything you don’t already have :)

It does; however, require

  • Hard Work
  • Persistence
  • Determination

I’d say the majority of people desire success.  Most of this majority is probably willing to work hard to create lifestyle freedom.  However, our efforts will only take us as far as our understanding, and too often, many mistakenly assign success to things that are beyond their control.  Many fall prey to popular myths and misconceptions about entrepreneurs and what it takes to succeed.  Sorta turning a blind eye to the hard work, years of uncertainty, setbacks and case of “what ifs” that all entrepreneurs go through.  Those on the outside don’t see the persistence that took place in creating an entrepreneur’s success.  

Persistence Holds The Key To Success!

 At the end, sometime throughout, I ask questions in each blog post of this entrepreneurship series (click here to see blog post previous to this one).  My intention is to get you thinking, encourage you to create lifestyle freedom or at least another stream of income and to bring about engagement between me and my viewers.  If you are not comfortable sharing here, but are willing to share with me none the less, please do so via email or at Facebook: htp://

What is it your passionate about?  

What would your life look like if you had lifestyle freedom…the ability to do what you want, when you want, where you want?  

If you were certain that your desired result would come to pass how much would hard work, persistence and determination would you put into it?

What would you do for a Klondike bar?  lol  Seriously though,

What would you do if you knew your efforts would produce your desired result?  

Would you click this link to find out how easy you can generate an online income?

Would you click this link to register for FREE positive programming for your mind?

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Persistence Produces Success!

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There is no guaranteed success formula BUT…

surrounding ourselves with those who have been where we want to go increases our likelihood of success!

COMMUNITY, A Collective Mindset

Overnight success is a lie…the journey of an entrepreneur is lifelong and comes with many hurdles of uncertainty, setbacks and disappointments.  Along with passion, determination and endurance it will take a community of support – a network of others, whose knowledge and experience can be leveraged in order to help you reach your goals.

Our surroundings, the environment in which we hang and the company we keep, play a major role in shaping our beliefs and influencing the choices we make.  Included in this is the collective mindset of those in the community around us.  The need to fit in is a powerful influence, one that can keep us chained to stinkin’ thinkin’ and our comfort zone; our failure zone.  On the flip side, the need to be part of a group can also influence, inspire and most importantly support and encourage us to be better than we thought possible!  Choosing a community of supporters who have been where we intend to go and vested in our success.  Community can be set by chance or choice, either way it’s up to you.  A social network, both on and offline is a group of people who share common interests or goals.  

Side Note:  if you desire mastery over your weekly cash flow and time freedom, click here ;)


Research has shown that social networks play a critical role in determining the way problems are solved, organizations are run and the way goals are achieved.   ~The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program

An entrepreneur’s social network is described as a success network.  A community of advisers, mentors and friends who share common goals and are willing to help one succeed.  A success network uses the power of positive influence to move you beyond anything you could have imagined for yourself.  The best news of all is ANYONE can create or become a part of one!

Side Note:  if you desire this type of community, click here ;)  


A Success Network is also a Support Network, the people involved bring many assets to the table…

  • Knowledge – the lifeblood of an entrepreneur.  The success/support network provides knowledge we need to get to where we want to go.
  • Network – a valuable asset essential for success.  The success/support network links us to others who help us in achieving our goals.  We are often introduced to others we may not have been able to reach on our own.
  • Accountability – as an entrepreneur there are new rules and no one is in charge.  The success/support network helps us to stay focus on our goals, prioritize our time and resources, clarify our objectives and challenge our thinking and provide an objective point of view.
  • Support – the journey of an entrepreneur has it’s ups and downs, a support network, those who have or are in our shoes, is a source of much needed inspiration, encouragement and support.

This is #7 post in this entrepreneurship blog series (previous post, click here) and in every blog post I ask a series of questions and this post is no different.  I may, however, ask some uncomfortable questions that you can ponder to yourself or feel free to share.  

Who are you, according to the company you keep? 

What value is your core group adding to your life?  

Are they encouraging you or discouraging you in reaching your dreams?

Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years?  

If you do not have a community, a success network of others, why not?

If you’d like to join ours, a community – a success network of online influencers, you can do so by clicking here!

As an entrepreneur, mamapreneur, freedompreneur and the like, it’s necessary to surround yourself with successful models.  

Click here to join our community of successful models…

who are using the most successful business model online! 

We understand the power of a social influence and the importance of creating an intentional and international community, rich in positive influence, knowledge, accountability, encouragement and support.  We are a global wealth network striving for a common goal:


the ability to do what we want, when we want and where we want!  

The ability to step into the passions we are created for, to make this world a better place!

Every area of life, personal and business, thrives when you have the right people around you.  Even Jesus understood the value of a community – a support network to help Him fulfill His purpose.  It’s so important to hang around and build a team of like minded individuals whose dream and goals are in line with yours, because…

Together Everyone Achieves More


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Join us in influencing others to live free!

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brandingYour Brand = Your Reputation

It’s not just what YOU say about your business…what others say holds the most weight.

While your brand can be portrayed through a logo, tagline or a name, it’s the actions behind these that really speaks volume.  Your brand is the result of your actions.  You’e heard it said best this way:

Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

Branding yourself as RELIABLE = your success.  This speaks to both business and your personal life…wherever we are, in whatever we do, we are building our brand.  Do you do what you say you’re going to do when you said you’d do it?  And at the price you said you’d do it for?

Being trustworthy, sets in motion repeat customers and word of mouth advertisers!   

Defining Your Brand

Understand the problems you’re solving from you customers point of view.

Coming into alignment with what problems your customers say you’re solving is crucial.  You want to make sure you are sending the right message.  Seeing the world through your customers eyes is a choice that will compliment your success.

Below are 2 examples of where folks go wrong (I gotta admitt I learned A LOT in this lesson and will be applying the knowledge I’ve gained):  

Competing on price vs. value:  Many new business owners seek to offer the lowest price as a way to gain customers.  Rather than compare their product/service to others like it, they are focused on providing the cheapest price and in doing so conveys the message of  inexperience, low quality or poor service.  

By the time one understands the above, they’ve already branded themselves as such and any attempt to raise their price to match the value ends up alienating their customers.

Attempting to be all thing to all people:  A jack of all trades approach lacks a sense quality, craftsmanship,  distinction.  Take time to define your brand vs. pleasing everyone.  This will increase your value and your customers willingness to spread the word about you!  

To define your brand you must…

Understand Your Market.

 Start by asking yourself:  

  • Who is my customer?
  • why would they want to buy?

Side note:  If I were to answer these 2 questions I would say my customers are those looking to create lifestyle freedom.  They would buy in order to learn strategies that will improve an existing business or position themselves to generate an online income without all the headaches and scariness of owning a business.  There are many vehicles that can get you to where you want to go but ours is one that allows you to use your existing business to do so.  Or, if you do not own a business, how you can simply earn extra income online.  Click here to learn how to earn $500-$3000 THIS WEEK using a Simple System 

 Building Your Brand

As I listened to the narrator teach about building your brand it dawned on me the benefits of teaming up with an already known brand.  In the beginning of any new business folks are reluctant to do business with an unknown entity/unrecognizable brand.  But if the business is established and you basically hook your wagon to it there is less of a challenge to “convince” people that the product or service is worthy of purchase.  

For example:

Opening an independent burger joint will take longer to establish a customer base than “hooking your wagon” to a burger joint that’s been around for awhile.  This is why franchising works so well.  The brand has already been defined and built!

Same goes for what I do…I could go out and build something from scratch, waiting up to 5+ years to see the fruits of my labor.  Or, I can lock arms with a proven system that works, leveraging my time/energy/money.  Results being seen in as little as a week!  

Click here to learn how to earn $500-$3000 THIS WEEK using a Simple System  


Today blog post is #6 (see previous post here).  In closing, I remind you of my intention for this blog series:  

  • To provide inspiration through the introduction of average, ordinary people, just like you and me.
  • To provide hope through sharing their stories of triumph over their pitfalls.
  • To get you thinking how you, too, can create lifestyle freedom.
  • To create engagement through closing questions -email or comment your answers: 

What does “branding” mean to you?

What is your brand?

How can branding yourself help you to accomplish your goals?

What problems are you solving?

I am seeking like minded individuals who desire to provide a solution to the 80% of people unhappy in their job.  We have all been created for a Divine purpose, but so many people (80%) are working outside of their purpose, for whatever reason.  Our intention is to bring awareness to living Another Way Of Life – a life that bring peace, joy and happiness!  To join us in fighting the forces of evil, releasing yourself and others from an UN-purposed life, CLICK HERE!


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All people want to earn more money to aid in improving life.  Simple things such as eating organic, upgrading to a more reliable car, allowing little Johnny to participate in both, basketball and karate.  Traveling/vacationing.  Providing the best care for our elderly parents.  

What does lifestyle freedom look like for you?

Click here to learn how to create lifestyle freedom

side note:  the above link introduces you to our newest AUTOMATED system which makes creating lifestyle freedom even easier!

But more times than not we find ourselves living paycheck to paycheck.  Trapped in low paying jobs and/or unsatisfying careers; asking ourselves “why is it I seem to never get ahead?”

Another question to ask is “why do even those who make a lot of money struggle to accumulate wealth?”

Answer…because it’s not the lack of money that prevents us from prospering but our lack of knowledge about money, how to use it as a tool rather than something to be worried about, worshiped or something to spend up in order to create the “appearance” of wealth.


What does it mean to be wealthy?  

For some wealth is materialistic…bigger house, new cars, designer clothes.

For some it’s just comfort and ease.

For most it means financial independence, lifestyle freedom, a better quality of life.

How do you define wealth?


Financial literacy 101 (taught by a wealthy person,) in my opinion, is a class that should be included as a prerequisite to graduating.  Our education system needs a serious upgrade in many areas.  One being how to handle and create money.  So many of us learn how to earn and spend money by adopting the collective mindset of those who surround us and/or the images we see in the media, hence…


More times than not, this begets misguided beliefs and mistaken assumptions about how to be and create wealth.

Common one’s include:

Saving toward wealth.  Behaviors include:  bargain hunting, clipping coupons, saving every penny earned.

The assumption is:  ”My income is fixed and beyond my control, so I’ll learn to live with less.”

Imitating wealth.  Still assuming income is fixed, but spend most of what they earn.

Behaviors include:  luxury cars, designer clothes, exotic vacations in order to create the appearance of wealth and status.

They often look to the lottery as a way of reaching wealth.

Spending toward wealth.  Behaviors include:  working hard to achieve success.  Spending increases as income increase.

Behaviors are the same as those imitating wealth.  Both types accumulate debt and undermine their ability to create true wealth.

These types may have high paying positions but have not been taught how to properly handle money in order to create true, lasting wealth.  

Understanding that lack of financial education on how to handle money explains the many stories of professional athletes, famous entertainers, lottery winners and, most likely, many unknown success stories who end up broke.  If they knew better they would do better…the same goes for all of us.  Unless we are prepared for wealth through education, mentorship and coaching, we will make decisions that ultimately lead to losing in life.

While many are working to “win the lottery” or “hit the jackpot”, entrepreneurs are the creators of the lottery tickets…in a sense they print their own winning ticket!

What misguided assumptions and mistaken beliefs do you possess that are keeping you from creating lifestyle freedom?

Click here to learn how to create lifestyle freedom

side note:  the above link introduces you to our newest AUTOMATED system which makes creating lifestyle freedom even easier!


The ability to create wealth is a CHOICE.  The very first step in creating wealth is MINDSET.  This is blog post #5 in this series on Entrepreneurship.  All posts are intended to shift your mindset to one that can and will create lifestyle freedom!  Until the correct mindset is established it’s impossible to create wealth…you simply won’t step out of your comfort zone in order to do what it takes.  If you don’t believe it’s possible, why would you?  Take a look at the previous blog posts below, my intention is to educate and empower in the ways of wealth and guide you toward a vehicle that can get you there!

#1 – Entrepreneurship Empowers People

#2 – Entrepreneurship Is A Mindset

#3 – The Secret of Recognizing Opportunity

#4 – Applied Knowledge Is Power

There are many free resources I can provide you, including blog post #3, to aid in establishing your mindset for prosperity.

By signing up for my newsletter you will receive both free and fee based resources.  Those that are fee based are a way to not only invest in your mindset but also generate you a residual income!

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In closing, I remind you of my intention for this blog series that will be here every Monday for the next 5 weeks:

  • To provide inspiration through the introduction of average, ordinary people, just like you and me.
  • To provide hope through sharing their stories of triumph over their pitfalls.
  • To get you thinking how you, too, can create lifestyle freedom.
  • To create engagement through various questions.

The questions in this blog post are posted in red.  I would love to hear your answers either here, email or connecting on facebook:

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Together we can educate and empower the masses!


Knowledge is the Lifeblood of an Entrepreneur

One’s effort can only take them as far as their understanding.  

To succeed we must be willing to learn.

Today’s post is number 4 (#3 click here) in the Entrepreneurial blog series I’ve started.  I’ve not yet decided when it will end as I am learning SO much from the class and I want to pass it on to my audience!

As mentioned in the 1st post, I will showcase the entrepreneurs that were interviewed for the curriculum.  From gang members to foreigners to single mothers to disabled and handicapped, my hope is that their stories will inspire you to follow your dreams no matter the challenges you will face…

Today’s lesson is all about applied knowledge – the importance of learning and continually growing your mindset.  In doing so you reduce risk,


Ryan Blair, former gang member and high school dropout, now knows about building a business from the ground up. However, like many entrepreneurs, he had no formal business education.

“I was a punk with a juvenile criminal record and a lot of emotional scarring.”

Yet a chance encounter with a successful entrepreneur shifted his perspective and enabled him to become a very successful serial entrepreneur.

Blair, in his interview, states that the old expression that knowledge is power is false.  It’s the application of it.

In order for us to overcome obstacles and achieve goals we must add effort to knowledge gained.

By embracing this simple and powerful concept a new world of opportunities begin to emerge.  

Mindset is key…

increased mindset begets increased wisdom, increased wisdom begets increased action – getting out of your comfort zone…getting out of your failure zone.  Increased action taking begets overcoming fear, which is where true FREEDOM lies!

An entrepreneurial experience can shift our perspective, awaken our curiosity and deepen our desire to learn.  Sadly, our current education system, for most, is boring and un-stimulating.  But gone are the days where information is limited to the “higher ups,” in today’s online world we can access information at no cost or low cost.


David Petite, a Native American raised by a single mother.

Inventor and entrepreneur, David, soon became enlightened in the ways of becoming self-sufficient. After failing at his first business, he learned valuable lessons that ultimately empowered him to succeed.

Today he is one of America’s most prolific inventors with more than 50 patents worldwide.

David, after investing in a fast food pizza restaurant with a friend soon learned that neither had done their research.  David thought his friend had done it, the friend thought David had done it and the result was had they done it they would have learned that the city was putting a medium in the road that would now make getting to the pizza shop a much longer route.  Needless to say they had to sell and fortunately got out without losing a lot of their initial investment.

David, in his interview said, “

Information and knowledge is very very powerful.  You need to use it as a tool because it is a very powerful tool.

Knowledge can also be a barrier to success in any venture perused, whether personal or business, because it can seem challenging, overwhelming.  Take for example my business…

Blogging is a main component and in the beginning I had the same questions everyone else had, “What should I blog about?”

That was easy enough, blog about what your passionate about.  But had I let my initial question keep me discouraged I would have quit right away and missed out on all skills I’ve acquired due to the knowledge I’ve gained from our products.  To create lifestyle freedom you must be willing to reinvent yourself and you must be willing to learn new things.  

Your job can even be used as an opportunity to help grow your own business.  

Treat your job as a paid internship – earn while you learn.   ~The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program 

A new perspective I’ve gained in today’s lesson is, rather than treat your job as something insignificant seek value in the things you learn.  Both big and small.  There is a lesson that can be learned in every event, when you’re looking ;)

Getting an education is important, but the old cookie cutter way of doing it is not the most conducive way for those seeking to create lifestyle freedom because it often focuses our attention on the wrong thing.  Getting through the information to obtain a degree, certificate or diploma often sought as the “reward” rather the the information itself.  Think for a moment how many books you have read since your formal education came to an end…

The only way to change your life is to change your mind.  The only way to change your mind is to continually grow your mindset through formal and informal learning – using your surroundings as a classroom and using it as a life long process.  Reading books, listening to audios, watching videos, attending seminars, webinars and hangouts (Google).  Which by the way we have mindset training every Monday at 9pm EST:


Getting around others who are living the lifestyle you desire and most importantly taking action by applying what you learn.  Rather than setting your sights on the obstacles you face change your perspective to the challenges you will overcome…victory is yours!

In closing, I remind you of my intention for this blog series that will be here every Monday for the next several weeks:

  • To provide inspiration through the introduction of average, ordinary people, just like you and me.
  • To provide hope through sharing their stories of triumph over their pitfalls.
  • To get you thinking how you, too, can create lifestyle freedom.
  • To create engagement through closing questions -email or comment your answers: 

How does knowledge influence your choices?

How many books have your read that increase your mindset?  Like self help books – the Bible counts!

What is stopping you from pursuing your dreams?

How has the lack of knowledge prevented you from achieving your goals?

How can you acquire the knowledge you need to get to where you want to go?

Bonus round of questions that will help in planning and reducing risks when embarking on a new idea/solution to a problem:

What problem am I solving?

Why will people buy?

How many people have this problem?

What solutions are already available?

How is mine different?

How much will folks pay?

How will I market?

What’s next?

There is a problem I’m passionate about solving and I am seeking others with the same passion to join my team to help provide a solution to the 80% of people who are unhappy in their job.  

In times past, to live the American dream, we were told to go to school, get good grades, attend a good college to get a good job.  That way has left many people feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and in debt.  

Praise God for the invention of the internet as we now have much more opportunity to for real live the American dream minus the debt and also move into living the life we were created for…the life we are passionate about!

If you desire to leave the drudgery of trading your time for money to own your time and own your life…

Click here to learn how to Create Lifestyle Freedom by building a Global Wealth Network 


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PROBLEM SOLVING…The Secret Of Recognizing Opportunity

Problems are opportunities – this is the fundamental mindset every entrepreneur must understand. 

The “secret” of entrepreneurship is simply this:

By solving other people’s problems you create success for yourself.

Here’s a problem I’m passionate about and have found a solution for…

Statistics report only 20% of people love their job.  The problem is, the majority of people (80%) do not.  The underlying problem is people are not living to their full potential which leaves them unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

This void, many times, sets the stage for seeking fulfillment in the wrong things (workaholic, alcoholic, drug use, gambling, etc.)

By not living our passion and purpose that we were created for we leave others hangin’…You never know if your dream can make a BIG difference in somebody else’s life.

Follow Your Dreams

Click the pic for my solution



Rather than complaining about existing problems, entrepreneur’s become proactive in finding solutions to the problem. 

Are you the type that accepts things as they are or seeks another/better way?

The good news is problem solving is a skill all can learn to develop through taking action, developing your mindset and hanging around problem solvers, folks who are proactive vs reactive.   

There are many books, audios, videos that will develop your mindset.  Currently, I am listening to…

I guarantee you this…if you will read similar content as in the above video, listen to similar content and connect with people that are doing the same you will Wake Up and discover Another Way Of Life! 

Now that the secret is out,

Join me in becoming a problem solver and in doing so create success for yourself!

In closing, I remind you of my intention for this blog series that will be here every Monday for the next several weeks:

  • To provide inspiration through the introduction of average, ordinary people, just like you and me.
  • To provide hope through sharing their stories of triumph over their pitfalls.
  • To get you thinking how you, too, can create lifestyle freedom.
  • To create engagement through closing questions -email or comment your answers: 

True or False

- problem solving is a skill only some can obtain?

- the more problems you can solve the more successful you’ll become?

- find a problem then create a solution?

This blog post is #3 (#2-click here) in a series that’s been inspired by an entrepreneurial class I’m taking.

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Would You Rather Have
$1000 CASH or $50 an Hour?

Crazy multi-millionaire launches new online
radio show and is PAYING people to listen!

The content on this online radio station is SO WORTH listening to!

Register and listen FREE!

A few things I jotted down while listening:

  • Create a bill called SAVINGS, INVESTMENTS.  Just like you have bills called RENT, GROCERIES, etc.
  • What’s your contribution to the world? How are you giving back? Give back as a way of saying thanks for all you’ve been blessed with.
  • Formula to increase your audience and revenue: E3 = Entertain, Educate, Empower
  • You don’t get wealthy by giving hours; you get wealthy by giving value to others that they find valuable…NOT what you find valuable.

The last statement got me to thinking…”Am I providing value that others want or what I find valuable?”

I would love to hear your view on this…a bit scary I gotta admit, but at the same time I know it will grow me and better serve my “audience”…YOU!  Leave your comments below.  Thank you in advance :)




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